There are many folklore about gold and sunlight.  In many ancient cultures, gold  symbolized the divine, the royal, the powerful, light and purity. Even as people have become more intellectual, certain ideas remain the same.

Hawaiian folklore tells of the demi-god “Maui” that captured the sun on top of Haleakala to extend the hours of sunlight in a day. When people today think of Maui, they think of the warmth and beauty of the sun.

Made on Maui by artist and goldsmith Sherri Dhyan, Maui Sun drops are inspired by her experiences of living on Maui and spending time on the big island of Hawaii.  Moved when gazing at the sun’s farewell as the golden droplets of reflected sun shine form on the surface of the ocean.  Watching the twinkle of light on a single drop of water as it falls from the tip of a leaf after a sun shower. The magical feeling of floating on ones back in the warm ocean as you look up into the seamless blue sky when the sun shines directly into your eyes creating teardrops of joy.  Walking on the surface of freshly harden lava while being surrounded by live molten earth as it pops, bubbles and flows all around you.

Each  Sun drop is made by hand.  Made of pure 24k gold and acrylic, inspired to create a line of jewelry accessible to most everyone .The technique used to create each drop makes a unique design on each one.  Maui Sun drops are a work of art with a signature on each set.

“Wearing this jewelry can reminded us all of our own personal experience of being on Maui, Hawaii or the joy received from the warmth and beauty of sunlight.”